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Under the belt

Located in Sweden, our team is extremely passionate about e-commerce, technology and design. But we are so much more than that.

We’re musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, animal lovers and foodies. We’re fashionistas and geeks. We’re clean cut and tattooed. We’re Netflix marathon watchers and deep thinkers. We’re also very much like you and your customers. We are people.

In a world of screens and devices, we need to remember that these interactions can and should be personal. From our initial conversations to our post-launch support, you’ll always be dealing with people who care about you and your brand.

We don’t sell hours. We sell value. We don’t just design and code. We plan, strategize and consult on the best possible solutions to optimize your customers experiences and foster your brand’s growth. No, we’re not going to suggest to change your logo the first thing we do, and we don’t make things “pop.” However, we will make your mission our mission and use our expertise to meet and exceed your goals.

We believe that our work should not only produce amazing results for our clients but should also be fun and rewarding. CO-OP believes in a strong work-life balance, not just churning out projects. The happier our team is, the more enjoyable the experience is, and the better the results will be for your brand.

CO-OP the brand

CO-OP comes from gaming, not the Swedish franchise store (yes we know its very alike). Many in the company are old gamers and everyone knows that co-op was absolutely the most fun when we grew up playing Nintendo 8 bit or Golden Eye on 64 bit. Co-op stands for cooperation, that we do things together, we at the company, but also we together with you as a customer. We believe that cooperation accelerates success.

Whats up with the pinstriped shirts and all the bugs?

We all know that this industry is full of pinstriped shirts and bugs. We don’t like either of them. The quote become a joke after Mr Rudolfsson wore the same pinstriped shirt 8 meetings in a row and that we all joined together to bought a non-striped shirt to him. Since then he never wore a pinstriped shirt again.

Memory lane..

2022 - Now
We're transforming the brand to CO-OP. Hiring a new CEO and co-owner - Niclas Rudolfsson.
We co-op with Adobe and register as a Adobe Commerce partner agency
Dahlquist gets choosen to join the "Prins Daniels Fellowship"
We receive "NORDISKT TILLVÄXTCERTIFIKAT" from UC due to our good financial results and growth
Niklas Dahlquist gets the award of "Young entrepreneur of the year"
Were awarded as the "Young company of the year" by Företagarna in Sweden
The journey begins. Niklas Dahlquist starts the company "Dahlquist E-handelskonsultation AB".

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

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45150 Uddevalla

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Beyond bugs and pinstriped shirts.

We’re not like the other e-commerce companies, we don’t believe in the traditional standards. We believe in transparency and working together like co-op, in James Bond Nintendo 64-bits.