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Did you know that online customers actually are most likely to buy something if they use the site search, instead of navigating through the site?

As a customer it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to look for in an online store. Customers use keywords in the site search while they are trying to find the right product that they want to explore. For merchants this requires many hours of backend effort and also a lot of guessing to know what your customers are searching for, and to suggest the perfect product.

To solve this problem Adobe Commerce got their “Live Search”. It’s a set of detached packages for Adobe Commerce that replaces the standard search capabilities. Live Search is an AI-powered search tool that delivers quicker, smarter and highly relevant results based on the search terms for B2C customers. Adobe Commerce mixes the industry-leading artificial intelligence together with machine learning algorithms to perform a deep analysis of collected visitor data. It also decreases the possibility for misspelling the words so you’re guided to the right product that you were searching for! 

The results of this are engaging and personalized shopping experiences. This is really a game changer for both customers and also for merchants, since the focus is on speed, relevance and very user-friendly!  

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